This year(2018-19) we had several students make All-Region. These students worked extremely hard to get there and will represent our school in Midland on Jan. 18-19.

  • ​Aiden Eliott - Symphonic Band
  • Riley Spenser - Symphonic Band
  • Brandon Rice - Symphonic Band
  • Blake Billings - Symphonic Band
  • Mikayela Morrow -Symphonic Band
  • Riley Arndt - Concert Band
  • Matthew Fields - Concert Band
  • ​Marie Muniz - Concert Band

​All Region Band

All Region Band

Only the best make it.

Making the all region band shows a high level of dedication, musical knowledge, preparation, and ability to perform under pressure.  These musicians compete with over 1000 other musicians for a spot in an all region band.  Those who are truly prepared can advance to area or state.


The Pride of the Big Bend of Texas

All-Region Year E and Scale Sheets

Flute         Clarinet       Alto/Bari Sax     Tenor Sax      Oboe    

Trumpet    French Horn    Trombone       Baritone        Tuba