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Mr. Wilson

Mrs. Azar

  • Pan American March - King, Cumberland Cross - Stromman, Contempo - Story10:30

High School Solo & Ensemble, February 3, 2018



The unique mix of musical talent and Alpine attitude put this group in a league of their own. Our ability to rock it out and have a blast are legendary.

Color Guard

Grace, and strength.

This group learns to work with flags, sabres, and rifles.  All of that on top of learning modern dance, the marching band show, body strength, and makeup and hair techniques needed for performance.  The perfect group for the right attitude and willingness to work.

These students work hard to push themselves to new heights.  The Solo & Ensemble competitors have advanced to state for 15 straight years.

From Big Band to Rock.  We cover all styles of jazz including improvisation.  This group also dabbles in experimental ensembles.  The sky is the limit with this program.

Only the best, most prepared, musicians make it into the all region band.  Do you have what it takes? 

There is no band like the Buck Band!  This group is high energy, high level performance.  Every student is challenged to be their best ...and earn their Chuck Taylors!

Solo & Ensemble

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Jazz/Experimental Band


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Our experienced, professional staff is adept at working with anyone with

a great attitude, at any skill level, beginner through advanced.

The Pride of the Big Bend of Texas