The Pride of the Big Bend of Texas

Supply Lists

Trumpet/Cornet Supplies
trumpet/cornet flip folder

          trumpet/cornet lyre #1 (replaces third valve ring)

          or trumpet/cornet lyre #2 (clamps to lead pipe)

          valve oil

Mellophone Supplies (Marching French Horn)
mellophone flip folder

          mellophone lyre
valve oil

French Horn Supplies
rotary valve oil
Trombone Supplies
trombone slide lubricant
trombone flip folder & lyre

Baritone Supplies
baritone flip folder

          baritone lyre
valve oil

Sousaphone Supplies
Sousaphone flip folder

          Sousaphone lyre

          valve oil

Concert Tuba Supplies

          rotary valve oil
Percussion Supplies

           percussion stick pack
percussion flip folder.

Flute Supplies

           flute flip folder & lyre

Clarinet Supplies

          clarinet reeds

            clarinet lyre

            clarinet flip folder

Bass Clarinet Supplies

        bass clarinet flip folder

              bass clarinet lyre 

          bass clarinet reeds

                 bass clarinet neck strap

Alto Sax Supplies

        alto sax reeds

          alto sax lyre

          alto sax flip folder

          alto sax neck strap

Tenor Sax Supplies

       tenor sax reeds
tenor sax lyre
tenor sax flip folder
tenor sax neck strap